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Young and talented sound producer, singer and songwriter. Ilia Gorepekin, also known as LXNER, is a hyperpop composer and promoter of genre on russian-speaking stage. LXNER started his music carrier in 2021, after release of song LED (ICE), which "ripped" charts and TikTok fast. In February 2022 LXNER released an album "Elysium", with the hit song "Kryshu snosit" (Blowing my mind) featuring quiizzzmeow. Also, he released EP "bipolar" in July 2022, where he showed how easily he can work with pop-punk sound and not losing his own unique music style. Artist is continue looking for a new sound and new music methods to work with. LXNER got the respect in hyperpop community and now is ready to achieve new goals.